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Elkem's Hydropower project, Sauda. Western Norway. 2005-2007.

The Sauda-project is the largest hydropower project in Norway since the -80's. 34km of headrace, tailracetunnels and shafts pluss underground caverns for the powerstations.

The project consists of  a total of 5 powerstations:

- Dalvatn powerstation,

- Storlivatn,

- Svartkulp,

- Sønnå high and low.

Construction started in 2005 and was completed in 2008. Total costs US$ 250 mill.

New production 650 GWh, total 1850 GWh.

Client: Elkem Saudefaldene AS. Contractor: AF-Anlegg AS and Veidekke AS.

  • details Production data
    Technical Data
    Catchment area 554 km2
    Reservoir capacity 3.470 million m3
    Maximum regulated water level 521 m.a.s.
    Installation 350 MW
    Average annual production 2.152 GWh
    Investment 3.750 mill NOK
    Construction data
    Access tunnels 12.850 meter
    Water tunnels 79.300 meter
    Station cavern 60.000 m3
    Sand trap caverns 70.000 m3
    Total dam volume. Storglomvatn and Holmvatn dams 6.45 million m3 rock